Size: Thorp 20  -60
Pion is a perma-camp that's served as the de-facto dumping spot on Lemuria for various nations to deposit their undesirables.  

The Thorp is a 'tent city', supporting more than just it's residents.  Living here is uncomfortable, with few supplies for permanent shelter being available.  Several yurts have been constructed, establishing anchors for daily living, but the rest are tents that are raised and broken down so often that the settlement can't really be mapped.

The residents of Pion are not saints, the first ones to greet the weakened and half-starved newcomers on the shore are generally brigands, there to remove anything of obvious value that anyone might have managed to smuggle with them.  A few religious types will follow up afterwards to tend to any fresh wounds the first group might have inflicted and help those too weak to walk to find shelter within the safety of Pion.

Life in Pion itself is uncomfortable, but safe.  The established locals have gangs at their service that are brutal in their effort to keep the peace.  No violence or theft is tolerated within it's boundaries, though all are fair game once they're out of sight of it's borders.  Newcomers are quickly indoctrinated into the ways of Pion, indebting themselves to those who were here before them for both shelter and supplies.  Almost everyone ends up leaving, seekign to find a way to pay off their debts or simply to never return. 

A few enterprising individuals have found their calling in the tent city, having established themselves as anchors to this rough society through the services they provide to the few who choose to live here.  Currently, the three of note are Bottlemauls Tavern, the Medics Tent, and Norberos Supplies.


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