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An exploration-based game that you take at your own pace, either by yourself or with others.  The land you'll discover is a sandbox, housing an ecosystem in equilibrium.  Players will upset this balance, causing changes in the world that other players may feel.

Plots and stories exist here, but they don't drive the campaign.   You are not the fellowship of the ring, trying to figure out the next thing you need to do to stop Sauron.  You are more like Conan, who kept running into temples of Set, but at any time could have said "screw this, I'm going West."


History, as it's commonly known…

So, once upon a time all the world was in peril, starting with the old world.   A great beast called the World Eater rose up—who knows from where?— and unleashed a destructive force none had ever seen.  The ancient kingdoms of the old world were crushed one by one as the beast left nothing but desolation in it's wake.  They say that's how this great desert continent we all call "the old world" came to be.

We're all alive, so the beast was obviously stopped by heroes or something, the sages figured it happened here in Lemuria.   Makes sense, the peninsula's the westernmost bit of the continent, and it's where the green came back first, so it figures it was the part that'd be part the World Eater hadn't gotten finished eating, I suppose.

They found out about the green returning because the shipping lanes that passed this land started to get unreliable, so navys were sent in and they discovered pirates.  The navys looked around and found that the pirates had rediscovered Lemuria, with forests and everything.  The desert had been pushed back!  No one cared too much about this, except that an unscrupulous ruler found it a nice 'humane' way to solve problems like crime and poverty by dumping his undesirables onto these shores, other nations quickly caught on.

It was a death sentence.  Natives were discovered, goblins and kobolds and orcs and other boogymen no longer seen or feared in the new lands.  The natives weren't at all pleased with their new immigrant neighbors, all those stories you hear of bloodletting and dismemberment, they're all true!  Again, no one cared, anyone sent over here's a criminal, right?  Well, while the natives take care of the weak and the foolish, there are some maniacs who started thriving.  This land has created some really cruel fellows, mean enough that all the countries got together and came up with some sort of accord saying that anyone put on this land ain't coming back.  So now you've got those navys patrolling out there, sinking or turning back anyone who doesn't keep the coast in view.  Then the treasures and ruins started getting discovered.

Now this place is crawling with a special kind of idiot, the sort of folk too desperate or young to make good decisions, flocking over here to 'make a name for themselves', discover treasures they think'll let them bribe their way back to civilization to be wealthy, or uncover buried powers that'll allow them to become one of those mean fellows themselves.

So which kind are you?


Some Considerations

  • "Level-appropriate encounters" do not exist.  There are areas with strong monsters and there are areas with weak monsters.  If you decide to try to raid an active dragon's lair at level 1, so be it.  Don't spend a lot of time generating your character, develop their backstory as you go along.  You'll probably go through a few characters until you get the hang of this campaign.
  • How will you know where the areas with dangerous monsters are in order to avoid them and live a long and prosperous life?  Parlay with travelers and adventurers you encounter in the wild, gather rumors in settlements, seek out sages and libraries, hire spies and informants, and give offerings at local temples in exchange for divinations and other oracular advice.
  • To stay alive, hire help when you can afford it and it's needed, but don't let mercenaries view you as a weak source of treasure.  Keep some sort of map, even if it's just a flow chart.   If you get lost, you can end up in real trouble.  If you're hunting for treasure, scout ahead, and try to avoid wandering monsters which don’t carry much of value.  You’re in the dungeon to find the treasure-rich lairs. Trying to kill every monster you meet will weaken you before you find the rich encounters.   View the entire dungeon you’ve mapped out as the battleground; don’t plan on taking on monsters in a single room. They may try to outflank you by running down corridors. Establish rendezvous points where the party can fall back to a secure defensive position.
  • At this point in the game, I'm still figuring out some of the particulars for the mechanics of conducting this game.  Things like how to handle syncing time between players who join forces, how exactly I'm going to communicate travel information to you  in a useful way in a PbP format.  Those of you joining the game right now will help me test and refine my ideas.

The Conquest of Lemuria

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